What is the MagGrid?

The MagGrid is a powerful tool to efficiently focus light only where you want it, and not everywhere else.  MagMod’s patent-pending modular design allows you to stack as many MagMod modifiers as your heart desires, in any order, with each additional modifier providing you with even greater control over your light.  Add a second MagGrid and get a pin-point 20° beam!

Photographer Jon Mold demonstrates in the above photo how to place light with pinpoint accuracy only on his camera.  See how the light hits the subject and nothing else? The MagGrid also helps prevent flare from your flash. In the Image above you can see the light sources yet there is no light flare!

Below, photographer Eric McCallister uses two MagGrids to avoid flash spill on to the floor and background. This photograph perfectly illustrates how you can use the MagGrid to avoid messy flash spill.

Using MagGrid as a kicker or accent light is one of our favorite ways to use it.  Photographer Joseph Stefanchik used two speedlite flashes, each with a MagGrid, behind the subject at about 45° out of frame.  See how the light accents the side of his face?  No lens flare, and the flash is perfectly illuminating exactly the area Joseph intended to illuminate.

Joseph Stefanchik demonstrates again how the MagGrid also makes an awesome background light.  You can literally see the beam pattern created with the MagGrid, showing how much control you can really have over your flashes.  Now it’s your turn to create some amazing images!

Want to master your light control Kung Fu? Check out this quick video: The Best Speedlite Grid, for any flash - MagMod MagGrid

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