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How Should I Store My MagMod Gear?Updated a year ago

How Should I Store My MagMod Gear?

One of the great things about our gear is how durable it is. If you're in a hurry, shoving your modifiers into your big ol' gear bag and having them tumble around in there and get a bit squished is totally an option. They bounce back.

But here are a few tips for optimal on-the-go and at-rest storage of our gear.

  • It's totally safe to keep your MagGrip 2 on your flash at all times if you'd like. They don't lose their elasticity being kept on the flash. This also makes sure the flash is always ready to use without the need to put the MagGrip 2 back on.

  • For the MagSphere 2 in particular we recommend storing it out of direct or indirect sunlight, in an indoor room-temperature environment away from any smokey conditions (cigarettes or fireplaces alike). This is due to the more sensitive nature of the specific semi-transparent silicone they are made of. We suggest using the microfiber pouch (included with the Basic Kit, the Starter Kit 2, the Professional Flash Kit 2) to store the MagSphere 2 if you have one, but it isn't the end of the world if you don't.

  • For our bigger gear, like our MagBox Pro 24 Octa, we offer MagBox Small Cases and MadBox Large Cases. These are a great way to transport and store up to 3 of our MagBox Pro series softboxes (+ some additional gear) securely. And the Reflector XL and our XL line has the specialty sized Case XL.

  • Please be aware that magnets can harm certain types of electronic storage devices, like hard drives in older laptops. If you typically carry a laptop with your photography gear, please check with the manufacturer to see if it has a SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drive. These are safe around magnets, but older 'optical hard drives' are very sensitive near magnets, and you could potentially lose data. 


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