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How To Clean Your MagMod GearUpdated 20 days ago

How To Clean Your MagMod Gear

It's super easy to keep all of your MagMod products clean and looking their best. We recommend using a mild soap plus warm water and a washcloth. Everything from the silicone of our MagSnoot 2, to the polycarbonate of our Dome Gels can be cleaned this way. We also recommend using a lint-free washcloth and drying towel.

Alternatively, using a simple wet wipe or baby wipe will keep everything looking clean and professional and can even be used on-the-go!  We recommend this method for cleaning any of our modifiers that have metal parts like the MagShoe 2, and for the fabrics of our MagBox Pro series.

A neat trick for removing things like lint or pet hair from your gear is to use a cleaning gel.

Please note that our fabric modifiers (such as our MagBox Pro, the MagBox Pro's Fabric Diffuser, and MagBox Pro Grids) are NOT washing machine washable.

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