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How to Join the MagMod Affiliate or Ambassador ProgramsUpdated 10 months ago

How to Join the MagMod Affiliate or Ambassador Programs

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I really dig MagMod's products, and I think they're an awesome company.  I wish I could work with them more closely"

Then we've got some great news!
MagMod offers photographers two different ways to partner with us.

An Affiliate:

Affiliates are social butterflies.  They love our products, and love telling that to others.  If you're always bragging up the ease of setup with our MagBox Pros during senior portrait season, or gushing about the virtues of our Pro Correction Gels and pointing folks to our site on your blog, then this might be for you.

Just about anyone can become an affiliate.  We just need to do a little vetting.  

And the best part is that we'll set you up with a personalized link you can share with folks that can earns you cash if they buy MagMod products.

An Ambassador:

Ambassadors are masters of their craft.  They're innovative, creative, and knowledgeable about everything photography. They're the kind of people that can be shown any given shot they took a year ago and not only recreate the techniques and equipment they used, but teach someone else to do it too. And they LOVE their MagMod gear!

If you think you've got the right stuff you can apply to join the coveted ranks of our ambassadors.  We'll be looking into your portfolio, your community engagement, and your knowledge level.

We only have around 50 ambassadors that we select or re-select once a year, so the competition is fierce.  You can check out who our current ambassadors are HERE.

If you're interested in becoming an Affiliate or Ambassador click HERE to get your application started today.

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