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How to Separate Our Magnets and Reinstall ThemUpdated 5 months ago

How to Separate Our Magnets and Reinstall Them


MagMod modifiers are powered by herculean, neodymium, rare-earth magnets. Naturally that means that they have a super strong grip to each other. As we designed many MagMod modifiers (like the MagGrip 2) to provide access to those powerful magnets, that means that on rare occasions these magnets could be pulled out of their modifiers if you're storing your MagMod modifiers together in a gear bag or are using them around other kinds of powerful magnets.

If this happens, it's possible that a couple of your MagMod magnets might make contact, which results in the often hilarious task of trying to separate the magnets from each other. We wish we had Superman on speed dial! Luckily there's actually an easy solution to get your magnets separated and reinstalled without super-strength, so you can get back to creating world class photographs!

The best way we've found to separate our magnets is by sliding them apart sideways, since it's nearly impossible to pull them apart. You can also use the edge of a table, desk, or counter to get a little more leverage. We recommend finding a counter top edge that has a sharp 90º corner, as rounded corners are not quite as effective. This is the exact strategy we use here at MagMod to get these magnets separated from each other during the installation process.

Here is a short video we put together showing how it's done!


Once you've got the magnets separated, you can check the polarity of the magnets by using your MagGrip 2 or a modifier to test it.

Hold the loose magnet up to the front of your MagGrip 2 where you would normally attach your modifiers. If the magnet repels, flip it over. If the magnet attracts to the MagGrip 2 you now know which side of the magnet needs to face the 'back' of the gear it popped out of.

Just to be doubly sure you can hold the modifier missing its magnet up to your MagGrip 2 as well. You'll see the side that still has its magnet under the surface jump to attach to the MagGrip 2. That surface touching the MagGrip 2 is what you want the attracting side of the loose magnet to be touching when you reinstall it.

Once you know what direction the magnet should face it'll install in one of two ways:

  • By placing one corner of the magnet into a shallow pocket hole, stretching out the other side and then popping the rest of the magnet inside. (MagSphere 2, ect)
  • By pushing the whole magnet slowly into a deep pocket hole, being very careful to make sure you do not allow the magnet to rotate. (MagGrip 2) With deep pocket holes you may want to use an item like a wooden or plastic chopstick or other non-metal implement such as the back of a pencil to push it fully into place.

If, after reinstallation, the magnet repels from your MagGrip 2, that magnet needs to be flipped to the opposite side. Don't be embarrassed. Despite the fact that we all think we understand magnets, they're actually more tricky to work with than we all think, especially when installed inside things.

In order to remove a misalligned magnet to flip it you'll either be able to stretch open the shallow pocket and push the magnet out one corner at a time, or push the magnet up and toward the opening of the deep pocket using your thumb. Be careful to keep track of the direction the magnet is sitting, and don't allow it to turn while removing it, so that you can simply flip it and reinstall it!

Be careful to have a firm grasp on the loose magnet while working with it. MagMod magnets are pretty strong and getting too close to your other modifiers can pull the loose magnet out of your grasp. If that happens you could have two magnets stuck together again.

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