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MagMod XL Strobe CompatibilityUpdated 4 days ago

Monolights / Strobes / Video Lights Compatible with the Reflector XL

One of the major goals in releasing our XL line is to make our modifiers more accessible to folks that use monolights, studio strobes, and even some video lights.  So naturally one of the first questions that might come to mind is, 'Will this be compatible with my light?'  While we haven't tested every light under the sun (pun!), the below are the makes and models of dozens that we know are compatible.

Monolights / Studio Strobes:

Angler: Glamour*

Flashpoint: XPLOR 400(pro), XPLOR600(pro), BLAZ 300-V, BLAZ 200-V, Rapid 1200II, Studio 300 R2*, Studio 300II-V, Studio 400*, Studio 400II-V, Studio Pro III-V, 1220M*, Xplor 300 (with Godox mount)

Geekoto: GT400

Godox: AD400 (pro), AD600 (pro), SK400, MS200-V, QS400, QS600, QS122II*, DP300III*, DP400III*, DP400III-V, DP600III-V, DP800-V, DP1000-V, DS400II*, QT400IIIM, QT600, QT1200,  GS400II*, DS300, AD300 (with Godox mount)

Impact: VSD160*, VSD400*, VC500WLN*, VSLCD400*, 180Ws Monolight

Interfit: Badger, Honey Badger, S1, S1a

Neewer: ML300, Vision4, S101*

Photoflex: StarFlash*

Profoto: B10, B10X, B10X Plus, B1X, D2, D2 Industrial 

Rime Lite: I.4 TTL400Ws

Westcott: FJ400

Strobes fitted with a Bowens S-mount Bracket: Any strobe/monolight that can be correctly fitted with it

Lights with tungsten modeling lights are not compatible with Dome Gels when the modeling light is installed. But they'll work great with just the flash tube. 

** Due to the heat they output, it is NOT recommended to use our Dome Gels with video lights. Use at your own risk. 

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