How can I learn more about using MagMod?

How Can I Learn More About Using Magmod?

Here at MagMod we're firm believers in the philosophy that you're never finished learning. So whether you've been shooting with our gear for years, or you're still making up your mind about your first purchase, we have tons of great ways to learn about our products and techniques to make using it even more impactful in your photography.

  • We also have a bunch of baller videos on our YouTube page. You'll find info about our product features AND shooting techniques, made by both us and our super awesome brand ambassadors.

  • Another great resource is our Facebook Community Page. It's a closed group of photographers from all over the world learning and growing in their craft... just ask to join! Many photographers post pictures and will tell you what their settings were, where the flash was, what MagMod modifier(s) they used, etc. It's a wonderful place to come together, ask questions, seek and give critique, and be inspired!

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