MagMod's Story

MagMod's Story

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MagMod is a globally recognized brand and an industry leader in flash modification. Based in Tucson Arizona, we started in 2013 with our hugely successful Kickstarter  campaign and quickly worked our way up to being honored with INC. Magazine's  'Fastest Growing Companies in Arizona' award in 2018, 2019, and 2020.  Photographers were so hungry for our quality modifiers that we've expanded our  product line by popular demand. Today you'll spot MagMod gear being used in  celebrity interviews (we're looking at you Keanu Reeves!), for political campaigns, at major league sports, to promote Top 40 bands, by news outlets, and on red carpets on the regular. And we're not stopping there, because our best is yet to come! 

Our continued success comes from our smart product design, our rigorous testing, and our small but fierce team of uber-knowledgeable employees committed to making every experience with MagMod's products and company a positive one. 

From the original MagGrip that started it all, to our Pro Gels and MagSnoot 2, to our newest MagBox Pro 42 Octa softboxes… we at MagMod strive to make our products universally compatible with as many different flashes as possible. Plus, we're always  pushing to make our products better by creating modular designs that work seamlessly with both older and newer versions. We're dedicated to making flash photography fast, easy, and awesome and ensuring that our products are durable and grow with you as you grow as a photographer.

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