Will Magnets Harm My Hard-Drive?

Will Magnets Harm My Hard-Drive?

While we all learn about how magnets work in school, we usually know less about them than we think. There's a ton of misinformation out there about magnets, especially in relation to technology and electronics. Heck, Mythbusters even once investigated whether or not electric eels or electromagnets could effect your credit cards.

We've had a lot of questions specifically regarding how our magnets might effect hard-drives (external or otherwise) so we though we'd address that here. Below, MagMod's JJ tests how a spinning hard drive reacts when a huge number of our Rare-Earth Neodymium magnets are in close proximity.


Of course we never recommend setting your MagMod gear right on top of your external hard-drive on purpose, but if you do it by accident you'll likely not do any damage.

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