Will magnets damage my camera gear?

Will magnets damage my camera gear?

In as few words as possible, we can confidently say: ABSOLUTELY NOT.

But to make you feel a bit more comfortable about the idea of having powerful magnets around sensitive electronics, we made the above video showing you how magnets are completely safe around flashes, cameras, memory cards, radio transmitters, and other sensitive electronics we use everyday as photographers.

Our magnets won’t harm the vast majority of your electronic equipment. We've also run testing with iPhones and Macbooks and neither suffered any ill effects.  The iPhone and Macbook both have solid-state hard drives, which is the same type of storage as your CF and SD memory cards.  As long as your electronic devices are using solid-state media, your electronics are going to be just fine around our magnets.  In fact, most smartphones and tablets now-a-days have magnets built inside of the devices themselves!

We do want you to be aware that certain types of electronics should definitely be kept far away from all types of magnets, including:

  • Older spinning hard drives (non solid-state)
  • Credit cards (direct magnet contact can erase data)
  • Older televisions (think your 90's tube TV's)
  • Speakers (speakers contain moving magnets, ours could mess with their job)
  • And most importantly, pacemakers (Consult your Dr. & pacemaker's manufacturer!)

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