What is the MagBucks Gift Card?

What are MagBucks?

The MagBucks Gift Card is an electronic Gift Card.

When you purchase MagBucks, or receive it as a gift, you will be given a unique code that you will use for a future purchase in the Cart or Checkout Page, similar to how you use a coupon code. 

MagBucks are purchased for a specific dollar amount, and can be used across multiple transactions until the full MagBucks value has been used. 

And, just like a Twinkie, there is no expiration date on any MagBucks purchase.


Can I gift MagBucks to a friend? 

Yes! MagBucks make the perfect gift for any photographer of any skill level. If you want the code emailed directly to your gift recipient, you will be able to specify your recipient during the checkout process, along with a custom message. Easy peasy!


Are MagBucks redeemable for cash? 

When you purchase MagBucks, you are purchasing store credit to be used on a future date. MagBucks are not redeemable for cash. Our crazy accounting professionals think it gets awfully messy with Uncle Sam if we ever try to offer returns and for this reason there will not be any returns or refunds available for MagBuck purchases. 


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