How can I have my photography Shared by MagMod?

How Can I Have My Photography Shared by MagMod?

Nothing brings a bigger smile to our faces than when we get to see the awesome photography that MagMod is helping create.  So we give our users several ways to have their photos shared with the world through MagMod.

  • We love to feature new and exciting photography of all types on our website.  So we feature hand-picked MagMod community sourced photos on our website as a source of inspiration to other photographers.  If we love one of your pieces and want to add it to our website we'll reach out to you.
  • To help photographers share their unique perspective we’ve created a Facebook Community Group where photographers can share photos and techniques, learn, and grow. MagMod Facebook Community
  • Instagram is like the photographer's nirvana, so naturally we're hanging out there. We constantly scour posts with either @magnetmod or #magnetmod. We're looking for the cool, unique, beautiful, or reality-defying shots created using our gear so that we can gush and let creator know how awesome they are, or feature them on our own IG to share with our 110k+ followers. MagnetMod on Instagram

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