How do I find the serial number on my MagMod product?

How Do I Find the Serial Number on My MagMod Product?

If you're having a hard time finding that elusive serial number on your MagMod product, don't sweat it. Only five of our products have a serial number, and you can find them in the following places.

MagShoe 2

Angle your MagShoe 2 upwards to reveal the serial number tucked just below the handle right above the lower knob. It'll be white.

MagRing 2

The serial number is located on the face of the connecting plate, just above the foot. It'll be bronze.

MagBox Speedring Adapters

It's located on the flat side of the adapter, directly across from the yellow magnetic field disrupter/release tab. It's silver.

MagBox Pro 24 Octa / MagBox Pro 42 Octa / MagBox Pro 36 Strip

Check between the magnets on the back side of the MagBox Pro. It'll be silver.


On the outer edge of the FocusDiffuser, look for the yellow fabric tag with the words 'MagBox 24 Octa FocusDiffuser 40°'. Flip the FocusDiffuser over and you'll find the serial number in that same location. It will be black.

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