How To Install the MagGrip

How to Install the MagGrip 2

The MagMod modifier system works because of the universal design of the MagGrip 2 . Thanks to its elasticity, the MagGrip 2 will stretch around the head of most flashes. In addition, the MagGrip 2 contains two rare earth magnets that are used to attach the MagMod line of flash modifiers including the MagGrid, the MagSphere, the MagBounce, and more!

If you're struggling to install the MagGrip 2 on your flash, check out this awesome video that shows the best, and easiest way to install the MagGrip 2!

To see a compatibility list of know flashes the MagMod system works with please see our article Will MagMod Work With My Flash?

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