Why do I have to pay taxes or duties on my international shipment?

Why Do I Have to Pay Taxes or Duties on My International Shipment?

Customs and duties are fees applied to import goods or products into your country.  This is a way for countries to collect additional fees from your pocket.  It sucks, big time.  Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.  Sometimes customs or duties are collected, sometimes they are not.

When ordering from magnetmod.com you are responsible for these fees, and also for assuring that you can lawfully import our items into your country.

We absolutely understand that these fees are crazy, and are super lame.  We wish there was a legal way to avoid them, but we must also abide by our own laws and cannot lower the value of your shipment to “get around” some of these inevitable fees controlled by governments.

If you would like to avoid any customs or duties fees, please check out our list of our licensed international retailers and see if you can find a MagMod dealer in your country.

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