How To Use the MagMasks

How to Use MagMasks

MagMasks are our custom-made stainless steel 'gobos' that create patterns of light to project through the MagBeam anywhere. They're like light stencils! Sweet, huh?

The MagMasks can only be used in conjunction with the MagBeam and Wide Lens. Its specific focal length is designed to project the MagMask's pattern.

In order to use your MagMasks here's a quick run down of the setup you'll need:

  • Your MagBeam is fully collapsed.
  • The Wide Lens (the notched one!) is installed with the grooves facing the flash.
  • You got your MagMask inserted flush into the MagBeam's integrated slot.
  • You've added a MagGel into the integrated slot if you wanna get crazy! (FYI, if you attempt to use a ProGel you may experience a softening of the MagMask patern)

Check out even more information about the MagBeam below:

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