What lenses do I need to use the MagBeam?

The MagBeam has two lenses available: The Tele Lens and the Wide Lens*.

Both lenses serve a unique purpose in shaping light like a boss. Think of it like having two prime lenses for your camera. One lens is to shoot wide while the other is for focusing on what is important.

Tele Lens

The Tele Lens is supplied in ALL versions of the MagBeam, as its application is more broad. It focuses light in a very tight beam, and effectively increases total light output. For wildlife photographers who need that extra reach or recycling speed, this is the only lends you need.

For Portrait photographers who want a spotlight effect (tight, normal, or wide beam) with a harder edge, the Tele Lens is your go-to lens. Because the MagBeam collapses in 3 total stages, its like having a zooming spotlight in your pocket.

Wide Lens

The Wide lens is only used when you want to kick it up a notch with MagMasks. Its specific focal length is designed to image the MagMask pattern and project that pattern out to create super awesome stuff. 

*The Wide lens is only used when the MagBeam is fully collapsed.*

What should you get?

If you only shoot wildlife, then the MagBeam + Tele Lens will keep you smiling, big time. 

If you want to take your light to the next level with both spotlights and gobos, then the MagBeam Kit is the bees knees.




*These lenses are designed to magnify and or shape light. Do not leave outside, in sunlight, or near bright or hot light sources unattended. When used improperly, lenses can produce intense light output that can cause combustion, start fires, or damage eye sight. Do not look directly into any magnified light source.

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