What is the beam angle for the MagGrid?

A single MagGrid produces a 40° beam angle.  Because of MagMod’s patent-pending modular design, you can alter your beam angle even more by stacking additional MagGrids on top of each other.  If you stack two MagGrids, you’ll produce a 20° beam angle.  Stacking three MagGrids will yield a 15° beam angle.  You can stack up to eight MagGrids to achieve a 5° beam angle, but we do not recommend using more than four MagGrids at once. If you’d like to stack more than three MagGrids, we would recommend using the MagSnoot as it will be a tad easier to adjust and control your light.

Want to master your light control Kung Fu? Check out this quick video: The Best Speedlite Grid, for any flash - MagMod MagGrid



To learn even more about the MagGrid or MagSnoot, watch Discover More about Each Modifier and how it can improve your photography.

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