How To Install the MagGrip 2

How to Install the MagGrip 2

The heart of the MagMod modifier system is our MagGrip 2. It provides the base upon which our modifiers attach and work their magic. The MagGrip 2 contains two rare earth magnets that are used to attach the MagMod line of flash modifiers including the MagGrid 2, the MagSphere 2, our Pro Gels series, and more!  And thanks to its elasticity and carefully crafted universal design, the MagGrip 2 will stretch around the head of most modern flashes.

To see a compatibility list of flashes verified to work with the MagGrip 2 and our MagMod modifier system, please see our article Will MagMod Work With My Flash?

We know that when you first get your MagGrip 2, you might struggle a bit with that first installation attempt.  The fit is meant to be snug, so it happens to the best of us.  But the good news is that once it is situated on your flash, there's no real need to remove it again.  So, if you're struggling to install the MagGrip 2 on your flash, check out this handy video that shows the best and easiest way to install it!

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