What is the Difference between the Fabric Diffuser and the FocusDiffuser?



The FABRIC DIFFUSER (that comes included with the MagBox) is a traditional fabric diffuser. It will help give you a wide area of soft light. 

The FOCUSDIFFUSER is a radically different way to modify the light from our MagBox. The FocusDiffuser is imbedded with micro-structures that alter the angle of the light in 40° beam angle, softly redirecting light forward and causing less spill. It controls light like a grid, but also focuses light like a lens -- all while keeping it super soft. The FocusDiffuser also increases the effective light output of your light just like a fresnel lens! Our popular MagBeam introduced spotlight-like control and light  intensity in a small modifier and now the FocusDiffuser gives you the same increase in effective light output potential in a larger modifier. 



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