What is the MagRing 2?

What is the MagRing 2?

The MagRing 2, when paired with the MagGrip 2 and Mag Shoe 2, is one of our cornerstone pieces of gear that opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to shooting photos in new and easier ways.

  • Want to set up 2 flashes for double the output at once? MagRing 2.
  • Want 2 flashes in the same location set up with different modifiers? MagRing 2.
  • Want to mount 1 or 2 flashes to an amazing softbox? MagRing 2 (+ a MagBox Pro).

Check out the video below to find out some of the cool ways you can utilize the MagRing 2 to expand the ways you can shoot.

Universal Fit

You can pop nearly any flash that has a MagGrip 2 in it into the MagRing 2. Since the MagGrip 2 is compatible with so darn many flashes, you can use pretty much any speedlite you own with the MagRing 2.

On-camera to off in 1 second

Thanks to the freakishly strong neodymium magnets inside the MagGrip2, speedlites attach securely to the MagRing in literally 1 second. No special tools or locks required. The MagRing 2 makes it easy to switch a speedlite from being on-camera to off-camera in a jiffy.

Strong & secure locks

The MagRing 2 is rock-solid. With your flashes magnetically mounted in the ring, close the beefy security doors to lock ‘em in place. You spent a lot of money on your flash, so protect your investment from kissing the pavement or taking a swim in the ocean by locking it up securely in the MagRing 2.

Time-saving convenience

The MagRing 2 is so convenient that you’re free to leave your mounted flashes in it even when you don’t need your softbox. No need to waste time ripping apart your whole set up just because you wanna change locations and modifiers. Score!

Second shooter solution

Your assistant’s flash can be in the same position as yours—no need for a second light stand cluttering up your limited workspace (or the reception hall's dance floor) and slowing everyone down.


Show the sun who's boss

 The MagRing 2 makes it silly easy for you to mount two flashes at once, which is pretty dope for overpowering the sun, or doubling you flash recycle times. With two flashes in your MagRing 2, you’ve got double the power of a single flash. That's almost the same amount as a studio strobe, but without actually having to lug one around.

One big, happy system

We made the MagRing 2 compatible with your existing MagMod modifiers. Throw on a MagGrid 2, Pro Gel, or MagSnoot 2 without having to remove your flashes from the MagRing 2. Woo-hoo!

And last but certainly not least, mounting the MagBox Pro

The MagRing 2 was built with mounting our MagBox Pro series of softboxes specifically in mind. The powerful magnets in the MagBox Pros grip to the MagRing 2 like a champ and they're NOT letting go until you hit the tab to make them let go.

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