Will A Speedring Adapter Work With My Studio Strobe?

Will A Speedring Adapter Work With My Studio Strobe?

The MagBox Pro series softboxes are designed to work with studio strobes through an optional MagBox Speedring Adapter for the following brand mounts: Elinchrom, Paul C. Buff, Bowens, and Profoto.


How about the Profoto B2?

Yes! The Profoto Speedring Adapter will allow a B1 or B2 flash to work with the MagBox Pros.

What about the Phottix Indra?

Yes! The Bowens Speedring Adapter will work allow the Phottix Indra to work with the MagBox Pros.

What about the Elinchrom Quatra?

No. This specific studio strobe does not fit our MagBox Speedring Adapter for Elinchrom.

I hear some Bowens Mounts don't work. Is that true? 

The original 'version one' MagBox Speedring Adapter for Bowens fits approximately 90% of all Bowens-mount studio strobes currently on the marketplace. MagMod has identified the following models as being incompatible with the version one MagBox Speedring for Bowens design: 

• Godox - AD400 Pro 

• Godox - AD600 Pro 

• Godox - AD-B2 

• Flashpoint XPLOR AD400 PRO TTL 

• Flashpoint XPLOR AD600 PRO TTL 

• Flashpoint Evolv -AD-B2 

(The original MagBox Speedring for Bowens has been discontinued and was replaced with the MagBox Pro Speedring for Bowens.)

The updated MagBox Pro Speedring for Bowens fits all Bowens mounts, including:

  • Flashpoint Evolv AD-B2
  • Flashpoint RL-600B
  • Flashpoint XPLOR AD400 PRO TTL*
  • Flashpoint XPLOR AD600 PRO TTL*
  • Godox AD-B2
  • Godox AD400 Pro*
  • Godox AD600 Pro*
  • Orlit Rovelight RT 610
  • Phottix 360 Indra TTL
  • Phottix Indra 500
  • Westcott FJ400

*The bulbs of these strobes protrude into the MagBox Pro and prohibits the use of the MagBox Gels. All other components of the MagBox Pro system function as intended.

How can I tell if my Bowen's Speedring Adapter is the first version or the updated second version?

  • If the fifth digit in the serial number is “1” it is the old version.
  • If it is a “2" then it is the new corrected version.

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