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MagMod's 1-Year Limited WarrantyUpdated 3 months ago

MagMod's 1-Year Limited Warranty

We would love to guarantee that our products will last forever, but we know that sometimes stuff just happens.  If for any reason one of your products has failed, degraded, or just flat out broke due to manufacturing defects, please contact us immediately. We believe in creating intuitive products that help you worry less about your gear so you can focus on your photography. For that reason, we want every customer to have an awesome experience and will stand by our product.

Silicone rubber is a highly versatile and incredibly unique material, but just like any type of rubber, it can tear or break. If any product fails due to no fault of your own, we'll replace it.

This Limited Warranty does not cover cosmetic defects that were incurred while using the product. Silicone rubber is pretty forgiving and will not easily be scuffed or marred. Our unique Pro Gels are made from a rigid polycarbonate, and are nearly indestructible. They may not snap in half, but any type of plastic can easily be scuffed or scratched.  This does not degrade the performance of the product, but take it as a symbol of how committed you are as a photographer to creating impeccable lighting.

The Limited Warranty only applies to purchases made through, or through Authorized MagMod Resellers and their affiliates.  Any purchases through non-authorized MagMod Resellers will be denied any support or warranty related requests.

We do reserve the right to change our policy, or make exceptions to our Limited Warranty when and where we find it appropriate.

How long does the Limited Warranty last?

The coverage starts on the day of initial purchase and lasts for one (1) year.


What is not covered under the Limited Warranty?

The loss of the product, loss of parts, or damage incurred while using the product are not covered under the Limited 1-Year Warranty.


How can I service my MagMod product(s) under warranty?

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