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How Color Gels Can Improve Photography

Color Gels can be extremely effective tools to help you create unique and dynamic photographs, and they've been around since the early days of film photography. The two most common reasons why you would want to use color gels with your flash are for

How to Register Your Product: All You Need To Know

Product registration, like most adult paperwork like taxes or voter registration, isn't an action-packed process.  Some might even call it.... boring.  But here at MagMod we think our rewards more than make up for a little tedium to register your coo

How to Join the MagMod Affiliate or Ambassador Programs

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I really dig MagMod's products, and I think they're an awesome company.  I wish I could work with them more closely"?. Then we've got some great news!MagMod offers photographers two different ways to partner w

How To Clean Your MagMod Gear

It's super easy to keep all of your MagMod products clean and looking their best. We recommend using a mild soap plus warm water and a washcloth. Everything from the silicone of our MagSnoot 2, to the polycarbonate of our Dome Gels can be cleaned thi

How Should I Store My MagMod Gear?

One of the great things about our gear is how durable it is. If you're in a hurry, shoving your modifiers into your big ol' gear bag and having them tumble around in there and get a bit squished is totally an option. They bounce back. But here are a

How Do I Find the Serial Number on My MagMod Product?

If you're having a hard time finding that elusive serial number on your MagMod product, don't sweat it. Only five of our products have a serial number, and you can find them in the following places. Angle your MagShoe 2 upwards to reveal the serial n

How to Separate Our Magnets and Reinstall Them

Separation:. MagMod modifiers are powered by herculean, neodymium, rare-earth magnets. Naturally that means that they have a super strong grip to each other. As we designed many MagMod modifiers (like the MagGrip 2) to provide access to those powerfu

How do I submit a warranty claim for my MagMod product?

To file a warranty claim for your MagMod product, you should first gather all necessary purchase information and take photos or videos that showcase the issue you are experiencing with the item. Then, fill out our Warranty Claim form below. Make sure